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Pan America Environmental Dissolved Air Flotation systems are an extremely versatile design allowing high loads of a very wide variety of contaminants to be removed from your wastestream. DAF is considered to be the best, most cost-effective device for separating heavy loads of FOG and solids.

The DAF, IAF process consists of super saturation of effluent discharge water with air. The saturated water stream is then redirected and mixed with the wastestream prior to entering the inlet. As pressure is removed from the saturated stream millions of microscopic bubbles form and attach themselves to the contaminants in the wastestream, thereby changing their bouyancy and floating them to the water surface where they can be skimmed from the water.

Our unique, compact, small footprint Dinky DAF™ design is offered for small flows and tight spaces. Chemical pretreatment and flocculation tube systems can be provided where required for all DAFs.

Our DAF systems can be used for removal of oils, fuels, emulsified products, FOG, BOD, suspended solids, COD, vegetable matter, vegetable oils, animal processing waste, river water for drinking or plant use, bilge water, pretreatment prior to bio-reactor systems, ZeoMaxx Filtration, inclined plate clarifiers and many other types of applications. The DAF is a hardy piece of equipment and can accommodate many wastes types.

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